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About me

Hi! My name is Leif Frey.
I created this blog to help people cook potato dishes.
Potatoes are the most popular and sought-after vegetable around the world and combine perfectly with other products - meat, mushrooms, fish, vegetables and even milk, so they form the basis of many dishes. Soups, appetizers, fritters, but most often it is used for main courses that will delight you with their nutritional variety. Recipes for second courses made of potatoes a lot, and they all differ in their accessibility and ease of preparation. You can mashed potato them, fry them in a pan or in a deep fryer, bake them in slices with other vegetables or whole tubers. Potatoes make excellent roasts, vegetable stews, casseroles and rolls. The tubers are stuffed with minced meat or mushrooms, make potato baskets with various fillings and very original "accordions" with ham, tomatoes and cheese.

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